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Off-chip PSI Engineer

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Full-Time | South Korea | Engineering

Job Purpose

As a off-chip PSI (power signal integrity) engineer, this person will be responsible for defining off-chip PSI spec to meet product requirement, modelling a device for off-chip PSI analysis, setting up off-chip PSI analysis environment, running off-chip PSI analysis, analysing off-chip PSI results, providing guidelines to package & hardware engineers to improve package & hardware design, and signing off the final off-chip PSI analysis results.

Principal Accountabilities

▪ Define the target spec of off-chip PSI to meet product and/or standard requirements
▪ Model the high speed signals and high power lines from package design and hardware (evaluation board) design
▪ Set up the off-chip PSI analysis environment while connecting all extracted models
▪ Run the off-chip PSI analysis using related EDA tools for off-chip PSI analysis
▪ Analyse the off-chip PSI analysis results and confirm whether they are spec in or not
▪ Provide guidelines/feedback to package & hardware engineers to improve package & hardware design
▪ Sign off the final PSI analysis results and call to go for manufacturing

Key Performance Measures

▪ Define off-chip PSI spec and produce off-chip PSI analysis results
▪ Provide guidelines/feedback to improve package & hardware design
▪ Final products (package & hardware) work well while meeting the spec & requirements


▪ Experience as an off-chip PSI engineer for minimum 6 years (plus point: 12+ years)
▪ Knowledge and technical background in SI (signal integrity) and PI (power integrity) analysis
▪ Experience in running off-chip PSI EDA tools such as 1) Ansys: Siwave, HFSS, 3DLayout, 2) Cadence: Clarity, PowerSI, 3) Keysight: ADS)
▪ Knowledge & experience for high speed signals (DDR/LPDDR/GDDR, PCIe, MIPI, HDMI, etc)
▪ Cooperative attitude/manner to collaborate with related teams & engineers
▪ Good communication skills (plus point: global communication skills)
▪ Creative problem-solving capability
▪ A strategic and analytical mind


Founded in Seoul in 2018, SEMIFIVE is basing its foundation on Korea’s semiconductor design competency that was amassed for more than 20 years. With expertise in front-end to back-end design, SEMIFIVE has become the fastest-growing silicon design company that offers the most comprehensive design solutions. SEMIFIVE’s core business is its innovative Platform SoC that enables low-cost & high-efficiency SoC design, and also provides various design solutions for global customers through its diverse network. As the cost of developing an SoC and the demand for customized silicon continue to grow rapidly, SEMIFIVE’s Platform SoC will play a key role in turning innovative ideas into silicon.

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