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AIoT Platform

AIoT Platform

SEMIFIVE SoC Platforms can quickly turn your critical IPs or winning specifications into fully functioning SoC at a fraction of risk, time, and effort. The AIoT SoC Platform offers the best solution to build custom IoT and edge processing devices, enabled with silicon-proven design components on Samsung 14nm process and extensive hardware/software environments to instantly get your chip ready for systems.

SiFive dual U54 RISC-V CPU

LPDDR4 x32 2ch @ 4.267 Gbps

MIPI-CSI + ISP, USB3.0, Ethernet MAC 1Gb


  • Optimized for high performance, power efficient AIoT applications
  • Built using Samsung Foundry’s mass production proven 14nm FinFET process technology
  • Complete solution with:
    • Package design and implementation
    • Evaluation board
    • Software and drivers

Target Applications

  • Consumer (e.g., wearables)
  • Surveillance and Smart Security
  • Smart home incl Voice processing with AI
  • Industrial IoT (incl smart factory)
  • Drone
  • Robotics

AIoT SoC Platform

Key Features

  • Process Node: 14nm FinFET
  • Operating Frequency: 900MHz
  • Hierarchical Design
    • Physical Partitions: 14
    • Gate Count: 168M
    • Instance Count: 23M
  • Main IPs
    • SiFive dual U54 RISC-V  @900MHz
    • LPDDR4 x32 2ch @4.267Gbps
    • ISP
    • MIPI-CSI
    • USB 3.0
  • Custom IP (example)
    • High-performance AI Neural Engine IP @2GHz
  • Others
    • I/O interfaces
    • System controllers
    • Software support
    • Low power features

SoC Platform Engagement Models

Max Efficiency Model

By reusing the platform architecture and feature subblock tailored for this domain, customers can focus on their differentiation and maximize efficiency of SoC development. Perfect for SoC prototyping or high-value applications that require super-fast time-to-market speed.

Max Flexibility Model

SEMIFIVE Platform technology offers flexibility to configure the platform architecture to your application’s special requirements. SEMIFIVE can also develop new subblock design to add features necessary for the application. It’s the best way to explore the trade-offs between time and cost.

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