Culture and Perks


SEMIFIVE is a fast-growing company with diverse culture with good talents. We are building towards supportive and collaborative culture for highly engaging and passionate employees.

To turn our ideals into reality, SEMIFIVE culture is bonded on two essential principles – Purpose Driven and Complete Communication.

Purpose Driven

Purpose Driven

Every teammate works proactively for the best way to achieve the share goal of SEMIFIVE, which is to become the new global hub of semi-conductor.

Complete Communication

Complete Communication

SEMIFIVE emphasizes the importance of clear and horizontal communication to achieve the purpose. Honest and Respectfulness are the keys to complete communication.


Our Workplace

SEMIFIVE’s state-of-the-art workplace and employee benefits let the talented engineers bring out the best ability.

With not only the best working environment such as a personal PC, spacious desk, and conference room but also the experienced back-office team to handle IT, administration and external partnership, every engineer can get full support to focus on engineering tasks.

Also, SEMIFIVE has established the best IT infrastructure such as Microsoft Teams and Atlassian JIRA to cooperate with customers and partners and manages projects systemically.

Recruitment Process

Ready to Join the Team?

SEMIFIVE offers a competitive compensation package and provides the opportunity to thrive in an exciting and game-changing industry.