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SoC PIPD Project Manager

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Full-Time | South Korea | Engineering

Job Purpose

  • As an SoC PIPD PM, you are responsible for project management of SoC development project, which covers PI (physical implementation) and PD (physical design) works (logic synthesis, DFT, STA, P&R, on-chip PSI, PV) and its development plan (schedule, engineering resources, risk management, customer interface)

Principal Accountabilities

  • Define a project plan (schedule, engineering resources, risk management) with related function team leads
  • Organize each function team to execute an SoC development project which covers PI & PD works
  • Review project progress/status and define action items to fix issues/problems
  • Identify risk items and make an execution plan to hedge the risks
  • Collect the customer’s voice/feedback and provide a solution for customers to be fully satisfied
    Use SW tools to systematically manage the project
  • Define a key success factor and its target for the project

Key Performance Measures

  • The project to be executed on time as planned (meet the major milestone timelines)
  • Issues and risks to be brought up earlier and to be fixed with reasonable efforts
  • Each function team to be collaborated with a productive and proactive manner
  • The customer to be satisfied with good communication and information sharing


  • Experience and knowledge on SoC development covering physical implementation and physical design
  • Knowledge and understanding on semiconductor device and its manufacturing
  • Experience to lead an SoC development project covering physical implementation and physical design as a project lead or a PM (plus factor)
  • Fluency in English (plus factor if graduated in English speaking country for high school or Bachelor/Master/Ph.D. degrees)
  • Minimum of 10-year’s experience in related field


Founded in Seoul in 2018, SEMIFIVE is basing its foundation on Korea’s semiconductor design competency that was amassed for more than 20 years. With expertise in front-end to back-end design, SEMIFIVE has become the fastest-growing silicon design company that offers the most comprehensive design solutions. SEMIFIVE’s core business is its innovative Platform SoC that enables low-cost & high-efficiency SoC design, and also provides various design solutions for global customers through its diverse network. As the cost of developing an SoC and the demand for customized silicon continue to grow rapidly, SEMIFIVE’s Platform SoC will play a key role in turning innovative ideas into silicon.

SEMIFIVE, hand in hand with global innovation leaders, is growing as a leading partner for future SoC designs, and thereby becoming: The New Global Hub of Custom Silicon.

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