Analog Bits

Analog Bits is the industry leader in Low-Power Mixed Signal IP offering integrated clocking, sensors, I/O and SERDES IPs. With over 1000 products spanning over 75 different process technologies and adopted by 400+ customers, Analog Bits is committed to enabling your next SoC designs with the lowest system cost, greatest reliability across a myriad of end market applications.

Analog Bits IP brings a broad portfolio of customizable mixed signal IPs to SEMIFIVE SoC Platforms.

  • Clocking IP: Low Power PLL, PCIe reference clock, C2C
  • Sensor IP: Process, Voltage, Temperature (PVT), Power supplies, Glitches and Droop detector
  • I/O IP: C2C I/O, Clock TX/RX, OSC pads
  • SERDES IP: High lane count, Multi-protocol PCIe 3/4/5 SERDES, Consumer SERDES

Leadership in Low Power SERDES

Analog Bits SERDES IP provides a wide range of options for highly differentiated SoC designs.

  • Multi-rate, multi-protocol and versatile
    • Lowest power (4, 6, & 7.6 pj/bit @Gen3, Gen4, & Gen5) with low latency
    • Smallest area with programmability for different channel environments
    • Placeable anywhere on SoC with wider packaging options for optimum cost/performance
  • Broad application options
    • Various link widths x1, x2, x4, x8, x16 etc
    • 1-32G multi-protocol covering PCIe 3/4/5, SAS3, Ethernet standards
  • Available on various leading foundries, including Samsung Foundry (32nm, 28nm, 14nm, 8nm, 7/5nm) with first time silicon success

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PCIe Gen5 4-lane

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