Custom Silicon Solutions

Turnkey Manufacturing

SEMIFIVE provides the customer suited turnkey services including wafer fabrication, packaging, and testing with efficiently operated supply chain management. The process of turnkey services follows SEMIFIVE’s strong built-in quality policy by Quality Management System to deliver high-quality products exceeding customers’ expectations.

Tapeout/ MPW/ Fab

  • Partner with Foundry on MPW reservation and delivery
  • Access to multiple process nodes
  • Production monitoring for yield and quality improvement

Need end-to-end design, development, and manufacturing support? Check out our Idea Hand-off ASIC design services.

Complete Foundry Service

As a Samsung Foundry SAFETM Design Solution Partner (DSP), SEMIFIVE offers all the advantages of Samsung Foundry, including:

  • Access to various process technology including leading edge FinFET nodes
  • MPW service
  • Wafer forecast management
  • Mass production control including yield and quality management

Package Service

SEMIFIVE Package Group leads the overall package development through collaboration with internal teams and strong relationship with global OSATs.  This allows us to provide our customers with the best possible packaging solutions.

  • Packaging consulting optimized for products
  • Time-efficient design optimization through in-house design with off-chip SIPI simulation
  • Bumping & assembly process
  • Assembly qualification for production

Test and Qualification Services

SEMIFIVE offers the optimal test solution and quality for each customer’s requirements by getting involved early and providing inputs to the chip design phase. This also helps our design team to implement the best Design for Test (DFT) and to achieve the desired fault coverage in an effective way. This complementary working cycle enables customers to accelerate time to market.

  • Test board design including probe card and load board
  • Accurately reflecting SCAN, MBIST, MBIRA, and IP test plans by deep cooperation with the design team
  • Test program development & debugging, ATE characterization, and release to mass production
  • Yield and quality improvement by statistical yield analysis

System Level Test

The increasing complexity of SoCs for high-end products requires higher quality and fault coverage.

SEMIFIVE provides At-Speed Board (ASB) test, and this allows customers to implement functional tests to find real world failures not detected by ATE vectors, especially in early production.

  • Cost effective – State of the Art equipment
  • Easy set-up by reusing the evaluation board and software, including silicon test firmware code
  • Quickly add fault coverage for field failure
  • Possible to test the Customer IP Function
  • Possible to test in the system target condition (e.g. PCIe Slot of PC)

Supply Chain Management

SEMIFIVE can boost your business performance. Streamline and improve the flow of goods and services, including improved customer satisfaction.

  • Higher Efficiency
  • Qualitative Improvements
  • Reduces Legal Liabilities
  • Benefits of Technologies
  • Better collaboration with suppliers
  • Shipping optimization and Reduces Delays
  • Reduced inventory and overhead costs
  • Better Risk Assessment and Management
  • Stronger cash flow and Cost-Effectiveness
  • A more agile business
  • Better visibility and data analytics

Quality and Compliance

SEMIFIVE aims to deliver products with the highest level of quality and reliability under SEMIFIVE’s Quality Management System. Our quality system is built as a basic policy from product design to supply chain including:

  • Following JEDEC & AEC-Q100 Standard
  • ISO9001 Process Standards
  • Product Qualification and Reliability test
  • Product/Process Change Notice (PCN) management
  • Failure Analysis (FA) Supply chain quality control and management

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