Package is not just a package

Gone are the days that packaging is an after thought in a chip design and fabrication cycle.  With the challenges of limited process technology scaling, the era of ‘More Than Moore’ has arrived and it’s critical that packaging is considered to realize the maximum potential of new chip designs.

At SEMIFIVE, we provide a complete solution from package specification through package design and development. We understand the importance of selecting the best package solution to meet the technical and cost goals of each product. Our capabilities include critical high-speed signals like LPDDR4/5, GDDR6, PCIe Gen4/5 etc on various packages from the traditional FC-BGA, MCM all the way to 2.5D and 3D advanced packaging. Having a team with extensive & diverse experience enables us to meet/exceed our customers’ requirements for a successful product launch.

Going beyond packaging, we provide board designs as well as reference board development for a full-featured, stable and verified board solution.  This further shorten overall development time and simplify the effort for final product deployment – providing you hassle free SoC evaluation, shorter application board development time, no debugging of boards etc.

Package Development

We provide the most comprehensive and reliable package development flow for your project

At SEMIFIVE,  our engineering teams collaborate closely to ensure we deliver the most optimum and efficient package design for our customers. From the very beginning of the design process, our Packaging group is involved with the customer to review the product/system requirements and to co-define the specifications.  This team also works internally with:

  • Logic, Physical Implementation, Physical Design teams on the packaging netlist and specs
  • Off-chip PI/SI group to improve package electrical performance
  • Board group for package and board co-design

And to bring the package to the market, SEMIFIVE Packaging group works with our OSAT partners for manufacturing and assembly.

Board Design and Manufacturing

SEMIFIVE Hardware group leads and manages everything you need to have on the board design to manufacturing. 

Board Concept Definition

Schematic Design

PCB layout & PI / SI analysis

PCB / PCBA Manufacturing

PCBA verfication

Board Concept Definition​

  • Block diagram​
  • Power tree​
  • Board features list

Schematic Design

Design considering the customer’s application

PCB Layout & PI/SI Analysis

  • Best layout design verification & optimization​
  • Simulation analysis that meets customer needs

PCB/PCBA Manufacturing

  • High quality manufacturing with reliable third party​
  • Provide SMT & assembly line of third party

PCBA Verification

  • Electrical check​
  • Board bring-up & debugging

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