Platform Technology

SoC 플랫폼 기술

SEMIFIVE SoC Platform 은 다음으로 구성된 플랫폼 기술을 통해 활성화됩니다.

  • Full SoC RTL except custom functions
  • Framework for integration of custom functions into the design
  • Simulation Environment for the integrated custom functions
  • Simulation Environment for the customer to run full SoC with custom functions
  • Analysis system about issues or performance related to SoC functions
  • System software package to accelerate system development
  • Reference design of package and board with extensive PSI capabilities
  • Automated HW/SW bringup framework to optimize system performance

지속적 통합

Inspired by Software development paradigms, SEMIFIVE Platform technologies utilize Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment to ensure the completeness and integrity of the entire SoC design.

End-to-End SoC 개발 프레임워크

SEMIFIVE SoC Platform is not only an RTL-generating tool, but a comprehensive framework for the rapid and robust SoC development for targeted applications. It comes with reference package design, evaluation board, hardware/software bringup framework, and system software solutions.

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