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SEMIFIVE Collaborates with HyperAccel in Developing AI Chip

Collaboration on prototype design and development by using Samsung Foundry’s 4nm process technology

SEOUL, South Korea, Jan. 10, 2024  — SEMIFIVE, a leading design solution provider and pioneer of platform-based custom silicon solutions, has announced a collaboration with HyperAccel to develop a generative AI chip. The aim of this collaboration is to develop the product by applying Samsung Foundry’s 4nm process technology.

HyperAccel, a South Korea-based startup that was founded in January 2023, develops a Latency Processing Unit (LPU), an AI chip specialized for transformer-based Large Language Model (LLM). HyperAccel has developed model parallelism technology to efficiently distribute LLM to multiple LPUs and its own networking technology for data synchronization between LPUs. Recently, it has released an Orion server mounted with its own LPUs. The Orion server is dedicated for emerging generative AI workloads based on LLM using Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology.

SEMIFIVE, a company specializing in SoC platforms and ASIC design solutions, develops SoC design platforms expert for AI chips. To date, it has developed 3 SoC design platforms and has completed 8 custom silicon tapeouts using the platforms. SEMIFIVE plans to expand its roadmap to respond to customer demand for AI custom silicon. Most recently, SEMIFIVE announced that it has begun the mass production of an AI inference custom chip for servers designed using its 14nm AI SoC platform. Also, the mass production of NPU chip targeting HPC applications, using SEMIFIVE’s 5nm HPC SoC platform is scheduled in the first half of 2024.

“We are pleased to collaborate on design with SEMIFIVE, which provides SoC platform and comprehensive ASIC design solutions,” said Joo-Young Kim, CEO of HyperAccel. “By collaborating with SEMIFIVE, we are excited about the opportunity to develop semiconductors that offer lower costs and higher power efficiency compared to GPU platforms. This advancement will significantly decrease the operational expenses of data centers and expand our business scope to other industries that require LLMs.”

“HyperAccel is among a select few companies that possess true understanding required to build a successful custom AI chip and system in the generative AI landscape,” said Brandon Cho, CEO and co-founder of SEMIFIVE. “We are excited to work with HyperAccel and its exceptional engineering team to help them bring their innovation based on SEMIFIVE SoC Platform.”

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SEMIFIVE is the pioneer of platform-based SoC design, working with customers to implement innovative ideas into custom silicon in the most efficient way. Our SoC platforms offer a powerful springboard for new chip designs, and leverage configurable domain-specific architectures and pre-validated key IP pools. We offer comprehensive spec-to-system capabilities with end-to-end solutions so that custom SoCs can be realized faster, with reduced cost and risks for key applications such as data center or AI-enabled IoT. With a strong partnership with Samsung Foundry as a leading SAFETM DSP partner, as well as the larger ecosystem, SEMIFIVE provides a one-stop shop solution for any SoC design needs.