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Junior / Senior Physical Design Engineer

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Full-Time | South Korea | Engineering
Job Purpose

As a Physical Design Engineer on the Physical Design team, you will participate in the synthesis, floorplan, clock tree synthesis, power distribution, I/O planning and hard IP integration, timing closure and physical verification.

Principal Accountabilities
  • Physical Synthesis
  • Floorplan including Multi-level hierarchical design
  • Clock Tree Synthesis
  • Power Planning and Distribution
  • Place and routing
  • Static Timing Analysis and Timing Closure
  • Physical Verification : DRC, LVS
  • Power Analysis : StaticIR Drop & Dynamic Voltage Drop Analysis, Power & Signal EM Analysis
Key Performance Measures

Work with logic design team and physical implementation team to understand partition architecture and drive physical aspects early in design cycle. Complete netlist to GDS2 implementation for partition(s) meeting schedule and design goals. Timing, physical verification, driving the signoff closure for the partitions. Resolve design and flow issues related to physical design, identify potential solutions and drive execution.


Senior Physical Designer Engineer

  • 4 년제 대졸이상, 석사 우대
  • Chip Top 경험자 우대: Hierarchy Design 경험 (Over 10 Blocks) , Block Partition, Top CTS
  • CPU/GPU Hardening 경험자 우대
  • P&R Experience: Floorplan, Place & Route, CTS, STA, DRC/LVS, IR Drop (ICC or Innovus, Prime-Time, StarRC, ICV or Calibre, RedHawk)
  • TSMC 16nm/12nm or Samsung 14nm 이하 경험자 우대

Junior Physical Designer Engineer

  • 4 년제 대졸이상, 석사 우대
  • 전기/전자/컴퓨터 공학 관련 전공
  • Digital Logic, Computer Architecture, VLSI, 반도체 관련 과목 이수
  • Synopsys/Cadence EDA Tool 사용 경험자 및 교육 이수 자 우대

Founded in Seoul in 2018, SEMIFIVE is basing its foundation on Korea's semiconductor design competency that was amassed for more than 20 years. With expertise in front-end to back-end design, SEMIFIVE has become the fastest-growing silicon design company that offers the most comprehensive design solutions. SEMIFIVE's core business is its innovative Platform SoC that enables low-cost & high-efficiency SoC design, and also provides various design solutions for global customers through its diverse network. As the cost of developing an SoC and the demand for customized silicon continue to grow rapidly, SEMIFIVE's Platform SoC will play a key role in turning innovative ideas into silicon.

SEMIFIVE, hand in hand with global innovation leaders, is growing as a leading partner for future SoC designs, and thereby becoming: The New Global Hub of Custom Silicon.

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